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Silk Ankara Super Scrunchie - Teal Pink

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Our 100% silk scrunchies (minus the elastic) are the hair accessories you've been waiting for. With its natural fibers our silk super scrunchies will be the answer to all of your hair care problems!

  • Made of 100% silk (except the elastic)
  • Designed to be super gentle to your hair
  • Helps with breakage
  • Avoids hair creases/kinks after you take your scrunchie out
  • Made to Order with several color options
Say GOODBYE to your traditional hair ties that can pull out your delicate hair when removing them which could lead to your hair being damaged by the breakage. Our 100% silk scrunchies will glide off of your hair with ease and will reduce those any kinks or ridges left by your regular hair tie elastics! These are the answer to good hair days.