The Foundations of Fashion Is Launching Soon! Don't Miss Out On This Limited Release!

foundations of fashion

Our next release will lay down the basic principals of how we at Marleia's approach fashion while also staying true to our standards in sustainability and fashion for every body. Each piece in the foundation went through a thorough meticulously design period. Each piece is guaranteed to effortlessly blend with your own style & flatter your body so it will easily becoming your new favorite in your closet!

This collection will  give you the ultimate foundation for your wardrobe.  

Sustainable First

We use only deadstock or recycled fabrics from certified OEKO-TEX100 manufacturers to do our part in producing a high quality product while delivering the lowest possible impact to the environment.

Empowering Designs

Each of our designs are carefully crafted to transform you into your most confident self by bringing out the best features of your body and style making you feel like your absolute best!

Affordable Luxury

We offer a range of flexible payment options in order to make sure you can incorporate luxury into your everyday lifestyle without the stress or worry!

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