Lux Lounge Collection


It's time to upgrade your loungewear to reflect your personal style and empower your femininity .


All of our products are 100% HANDMADE with meaningful transparency and thoughtful design.

The Lux Lounge Collection

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Why shop with us?

Premium Fabrics

We're cautious of the fabrics we place on our bodies and use only the best for your skin.

Made to LAST

Our items are handmade locally in Denver, CO. We go over every single aspect of our products before they are shipped to you.

Better for the Enviroment

We are fighting against fast fashion to provide more eco-friendly styles that you can wear multiple ways, 365 days a year.

Creating The Ultimate Luxurious Quarantine Look

Throughout 2020 I struggled at times with how I felt about my appearance. I went weeks without makeup (which ultimately I loved), wore the same black leggings two weeks straight and became accustomed to keeping my camera off during virtual meetings to avoid dressing up.

My daughter, Marleia, however had no problem with this issue. In fact, she found creative ways to express herself through her wardrobe. She went through multiple outfits daily. She imagined she was dining in different cities from around the world each day and made sure that her outfit always matched her vibe.

Marleia's energy and creativity inspired me. Instead of complaining about the multiple loads of laundry, I decided to join her and at that time, the Lux Lounge Collection was born.

No matter what you are focused on right now, this collection strives to accomplish one thing: to remind you of your amazing beauty. This original design collection is made of the highest quality materials, includes unique pieces that you will not find ANYWHERE else and will instantly elevate your style. The minute you slip on any of these pieces you will find your mood lifted.

Each of these pieces are versatile and can be worn a multitude of ways, in a variety of settings. The addition of an elegant Lux Lounge piece to your wardrobe will simplify your styling routine, while making you feel your best.

We are so excited to debut this very special line! We hope it instills love and beauty for you just as it has for us. Thank you for your support!


The limited availability Lux Lounge Collection will release THIS BLACK FRIDAY, 11/27/20 at 12:00 A.M. Sign up below for e-mail reminders.

All of our items are 100% handmade - Making sure that each piece arrives to you in immaculate condition.

It’s time to elevate your loungewear!

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